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I want to buy a new graphics card.
My budget is 100$.
which one is better ati radeon hd 5670 or Nvidia gt 240.
My pc spec is
Intel pentium dual core
1 gb ddr2 ram
19 inch wide screen monitor.
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  1. The HD5670 is both faster and DX11 compatible as opposed to DX10.
    1gb of ram really isn't sufficient for current games, you really need at least 2 and 4 is optimal.
    What processor is that exactly?
  2. ^+1 for jyjjy.
    What dual core? speed?
    Add another 1GB of RAM would help a lot...
  3. thanks for replaying
  4. Its intel pentium d processor.
  5. Getting another 1GB of ram would help you out ALOT.
  6. 5670 all the way long
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