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Hi all ,

When i play any video on my comp (its a desktop) , its kinda flaky . Or am not sure how to explain , while a video is being played, when there is a fast moving scene , the video playback gets choppy .
It occurs in both HD as well as normal dvd quality videos.Though its more in HD video playback .

Sound is perfectly fine. There are no others programs taking up any resource .
I tried changing codecs , switch between players like MPC , vlc , WMP . All shows the same issue .
So I tried updating the video driver , (i have a ATI radeon 4850 HD) . No change.
While gaming , i dont find any issues. Videos or cut scenes in games play fine.
I use a Benq E2200HD monitor.

I am not able to figure out why this is happening .
Any help would be great .

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  1. That's strange...
    Are you sure all that player are not broken/bad/corrupt?
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