I Need Fan Help

Hey All,

Im having a bit of a crisis, and that is that i have just bought a fan controller (Dual), and it has the two fan cords coming out of it, but they are three pin fan plugs.
I have the Thermaltake Armor + and the fans that come with it that i want to control are 4 pin molex. Please help!!!
Do i need an adapter, if so could you give me a link?


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  1. If we're going down that route i'd go for

    But that is again only 3 pin
  2. I already have a fan controller, its just mine fans dont plug into it.

    Fans = 4 Pin Molex Female And Male (Its got both).
    Fan Controller = Three Pin Male
  3. Blacksheep101, Your a genius! Your first post is exactly what i need.
    Thanks every one for the posts. :)
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