Dual Graphic Card Support Please Help, Dual Graphic Cards on single Monitor

I Need Urgent Help . I am totally Confused.

As i am in Vfx and animation i , i have to work with soft like Maya, Adobe , Max etc..
For this i choose Quadro fx 1800

I am also interested in Gaming. i want GTX 470.

I have
Gigabyte- GA-X58A-UD7 ( Supports dual graphic cards )
i7 980x

I have Single Monitor ! I don't want to buy 2nd monitor.

1. Will Quadro fx + GTX 470 will work on same system??

2. I want to use one card at a time - Mean when i am doing maya softs etc.. i want to use only Quadro ..
For playing i want to use GTX 470 . ??
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  1. do you need to have the monitor plugged into the quadro in order for it to process, I thought it would just be like a co-processor.

    pop onto the nvidia chat support they might be able to answer the question. Having said that don't the quadros and the 470's use different drivers? I would think that would be the biggest issue.

    Lots of i thinks there I know, but some things to consider and may prompt some answers
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