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I just purchased a motherboard that has the following supported RAM speeds: DDR3 2200(O.C.)/ 2133(O.C.)/ 1866(O.C.)/ 1600/1333/ 1066.

When the motherboard shows the RAM speed with O.C. (Overclock), does this mean that you can only buy the 1600/1333/1066 and must overclock up to the higher speeds? Meaning you have to adjust for things in the BIOS. Or can you buy a 2200/2133/1866 out of the box without any issues?

Thank you.
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  1. The 1600 is the highest you can use without any fancy bios adjustments. But some boards default to a lower ram speed anyway. You need to learn about the bios anyway. It only takes a minute to go through your bios settings. Any items you don't need simply use the "esc" key and move on to the next setting. If you aren't confidant in your changes, simply use the "exit without saving" option. If the system won't post after a change, move the cmos jumper over one position for one minute with the power supply unplugged, and return to original position to reset the bios. Removing the board battery has the same effect.
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