Gainward Radeon 4850 Monitor flickers when stressed/gaming

I installed on my mums pc an HD 4850 to be able to play Bad Company 2 but ever since i m going crazy.No matter what game i run monitor flickers like i have 100 mobile phones next to it and looses signal, when i shut the game everything goes back to normal.There is no overclock and the temperature is just fine @47 Celsius since i installed an aftermarket cooler on it (
I tried almost everything re-sited the card on mb, clean installed new drivers, even reinstalled the aftermarket cooler but same thing...i m loosing my mind here!please help.
Here is how the problem looks like.
Thanks for reading
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  1. What PSU are you using?

    A 4850 + components should require ~400W.
  2. thats something i should had mentioned at topic start sorry.its a 500watt power supply,an 9800 gx2 runs fine PSU is ok.
  3. Your PSU seems fine.

    Have you tried the card on another rig?

    Is your MB compatible with AMD cards?

    Try RMAing the card if problems persist.

    As a hail mary, try using Cat 10.3 or 10.4 drivers.

    IMO, anything after 10.4 is utter fail.
  4. It seems like a defective/bad card...
    Try your card in different PC, if the same problem exist then your card is going bad...
  5. I did try the card on another pc and it works just fine!i also tried catalysti 10.3 to 10.7 and result is the same.I m on an Asus P5K-VM.I ll try updating the mb bios hoping it will fix the problem
  6. Tried bios mb bios update but still same thing...
  7. I would RMA the card.
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