How do i get lost files from a corrupted hdd?

How do i get lost files from a corrupted hdd?
how do i get lost files my hard drive crash it wont boot windows 7 cant repair boot.

i try using the hard drive on another computer but it says to format it before i use it i dont want to

i trying to get some files back what software can i use?

use startup repair using win 7 disc didnt work error

i need a software to help me recover free if possible and easy to use
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  1. Try GetDataBack. I had a few problems with damaged HDDs in the past, but GetDataBack was almost always capable of saving most of my data from even drives not recognized by the OS. Give it a try!
  2. try to connect the drive as external in a case start the other system then plug this drive in a usb slot ,use this to see if it could recover your files it's free
  3. i try recuva didnt work because the drive has to be formatted im afraid i will lose data if i format
  4. yes if you format you will lose all data you could check this on the forum
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