I have an old work pc and want to turn into a gaming one

Main board - Dell, OXC838
Chipset - Intel E752
Southbridge - Intel 82801EB (ICH5)

Intel Xeon - Irwindale, CPU 3.00Ghz Dual Core X2

PCI-Express x16

DDR2 512 X4

Quadro FX 3450

I have around £100 to spend and was thinking of a 5750 as it uses DX 11

Though I am not sure if it will fit my config, how much power does it use? and how do I find out if I have a free power cable in my machine?

Cheers in advance
As I am waiting for Starcraft 2
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  1. What is your PSU? brand? mdoel?
    you can open your case and see it for yourself...
  2. Just opened it up and it has a 550 rating so any ideas as to what card would be best for my budget as i have gone onto the forums and it is a minefield of information
  3. There were no actual dual core Irwindale processors. What you have is a dual CPU system with 2 single core processors. Honestly I don't really know exactly how that would function in gaming but the best case scenario is that it will be equivalent to a Pentium D which isn't good.
    I recommend you just put that system on Ebay and build yourself an appropriate current computer for gaming. It's not very difficult to do and can be done fairly cheaply if you want($400ish).
  4. I know i'm being dumb though I thought that 3Ghz would be ok for gameing, and CPU-Z does say 4 cpu's? I suppose that chips are getting more clever and it is not all about Ghz these days.
    I'm not sure if anyone would want this workstation as it stands on ebay. I just thought that it could be cheaply made useful as a gameing pc.

  5. IMO, like jyjjy said, if you can Ebay it for ~$500 as a CAD PC, then build your own for ~$600 you'll have a significantly better gaming PC
  6. I think this is your processor:

    Says it's a "Single Core" CPU. So you probably do indeed have a dual socket board, with two of these physical CPU's installed. So as jyjjy stated, at best, you'll have a P4 classed Dual-Core CPU. This CPU supports HyperThreading, and that's why CPU-Z says 4 CPUs are present. Each physical CPU can run as if it's 2. The problem is, games don't support hyperthreading.

    I have to agree with jyjjy & Wolfram23. Your best bet is to replace the system with something more modern. :(

    Not to mention you have two 110W CPUs in that sucker. That's a bit of heat, not to mention pulls power from the PSU. You can get a real Quad-Core CPU that runs 95W by itself, rather than your current 220W CPU (which is what you have effectively now).
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