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Hey guys, I have two programs from CPUID on my newly built computer (CPU-Z and Hardware Monitor). Every time I restart my computer it loses its icon and gets the little 'missing icon' looking thing, hard to explain but I think you guys know what I'm talking about probably. Anyway, if I reinstall the icons come back but how do I make it stop doing this?
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  1. To the left of the Notification area is a ^ looking symbol.
    That is your "Show hidden icons".
    Click on the ^.
    Is your missing icons shown there?
    If so, click on "Customize...".
    You can select "Show icon and notifications" to show your desired icon(s).
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    I think Aaron is talking about his "quick-launch" icons on the task bar. I have the same issue, it just shows up as generic icons.

    It has been this way for me since the release canadate of Win 7 and i would say that it may be something with the programing on CPUZ's end as i have been unable to get the correct icons to display. Give it time and i'm sure newer versions of CPU-Z & HWMonitor will show the correct icons.
  3. That's exactly it, oh well, guess I'll just wait. The weird thing is CPUZ now works but HW Monitor still doesn't lol. Oh well, just a waiting game for now, both seem to be great programs either way.
  4. you still might be able to get HW monitor working, delete it and download it again, after you get to the CPUID main page, click on "HWMonitor" then click on the top link that says the following:

    # HWMonitor 1.15 setup
    (with install, includes 32 & 64-bit binaries)

    I got it to work on my Win 7 Rig this way...
  5. Another weird thing about this, my laptop with Windows 7 shows the icons, my PC I built with windows 7 doesn't. No clue why.
  6. I solve this problem by making .ico file from .png and then I use it for the icon. Form internet you can find many good tools for converting png image to icon like this one.
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