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hello everyone. first of all im not very good at networking stuff, so i will try to express myself as best as i can.

im going to set up a dsl local area network between 4 apartments with ethernet cables. i will be de admin. the plan is: internet from my isp -> my dsl modem -> 8 port switch (unmanaged) -> 1 cable for every apartment (including me). i need a software which i want these specifications:

1. installing this software only to my computer must be enough. letting other people to change their options wont be good if the success of the software is depended on being installed on everybody's computer. questions about this: i think these kind of controlling brings limitations on local ip addresses. is it possible to fix people's local ip addresses when the connect this lan?

2. if you suggest a must-be-installed-on-every-computer solution can you inform me about that and suggest any software?

thanks for your help :)
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  1. Since you'll have one Ethernet cable to each apartment, wouldn't it be easier to manage it at the router/switch level? What kind of switch do you have?
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