Hdd and ssd not showing up as storage

hello im having trouble with my hdd and ssd not showing up under my computer.. I have a P8Z77-v deluxe
motherboard,i have the samsung 830 256 with the OS and other applications and programs (plugged into the intel grey) i have an intel 330 240 pluggged into the grey as well, then i have an asus bluray drive on the blue , and also a seagate 3tb on the blue as well.. now when the system post it shows them all, but when i go to windows, it only shows the samsung and the asus optical drive.. i wanted to use the 3tb seagate for storage, but it doesnt show up... now when i go to my computer panel it shows everything but it doesnt show it as a system disk... and when i go to some options in the bios it shows them but i cant enable thing in my computer to use them as storage.. the options says that they are in ahci mode.. can anyone help.. i will supply more info right now im tired.. been working on this build for about 2 days..

and also i tried to do a lil overclocking, but my mobo never really post.. no matter what i do it restarts and ust stays in limbo, i have to hold down the cmos button just so it can restart.. and everything it says error 55 which says no memeory is inserted, thing is everytime during boot up it shows all the memory, and even in windows it shows all the memory... 32Gb that is

Thanks for your help and God Bless, im tired...PEace any help will be appreciated
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  1. oh yeah i have 4x8Gb=32Gb Gskill Ares Ram
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