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I have never had a sound card and I was wondering if I would see a performance increase if I purchased one. I see they have "gaming" sound cards. Is that legitimate or did they just throw that on there to get some extra business?
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  1. He's right onboard sound has evolved to the point where you really don't need a discrete card unless your planning on running high end speakers. When I mean high end I don't mean 200.00 speakers, I'm talking about audio file caliber speakers.
  2. The X-Fi gamer series of soundcards advertized that the onboard memory of a soundcard helped boost performance of gameplay...benchmark results showed that only a handful of games can take advantage of its feature an it prowess was nominal.

    The true point of getting a dedicated over an onboard is the quality of music and the layers of sound you can hear with one in your rig.

    Oh what are your rig specs ?
  3. Be aware, many compatibility issue with sound card (conflict with graphic card).
    The onboard sound card is good enough if you ask me.
  4. First off, it doesn't increase performance. And secondly, if you have shitty speakers, there is no point. If you have really good speakers, i'm talking good as in a brand name, a large sub, and a quality surround sound setup with a lot of power AND you are a person who is picky about sound then a sound card is fine. I have a 700watt Amp with a 5.1 channel surround sound in my room, My front speakers are 3-way with 12'' woofers each and a powered 10'' downfiring subwoofer by JBL and my onboard soundcard that comes with my Asus P6T gives outstanding sound, both music and games. :) I am not the pickiest sound person, i just love massive bass.
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