GTX460 OC vs stock

Just wondering about the difference between the OC and stock versions of the various cards. In this specific case I am thinking of Palits Sonic vs Sonic Platinum GTX460.

The Platinum looks to be a great card and OCs beyond what it is set to for sale. M question is, is there actually any difference in design between the stock card and the OC one? Is the cooler the same?

Essentially, what I am trying to figure out is: If you buy the stock version can it reach the same Overclocking lvls as an Overclocked card which then gets Overclocked more (pending luck, I know not every card will OC as well as another), or is there some design difference that is not obvious at first glance?
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  1. Basically every brand (EVGA, Palit, etc...) have their reference versions (standards set by Nvidia that they have to produce the cards at) and then they have their versions that may have custom cooling, etc...

    In my experience, it is not worth getting a custom "OC" card with a different cooling system than the reference as the reference design is quite fine for overclocking and you will not be able to go much higher on a custom card if any...
  2. Basically a stock card is the same chip but the OC models have better cooling to help with the Oc. the card that has been getting the best press around these parts is the MSI cyclone version. A couple of members have now used the card and have said the performance is great and the fan is very quiet.
    Palit have been cheating is all i can really call it. The cards they sent out to the reviewers had extra cooling on the VRM/MOSFET.
    Im just about to post a thread about it but as its relevant i will give you the link.

    Mactronix :)
  3. I don't think it is that big of a deal that they don't have the VRM/MOSFET coolers because neither does evga and asus' current gtx 460s but the fact that they sent out ones which did is a sneaky move. Aswell I'm sure if they put them on it would've done them much more justice then lying for nothing (and bad PR).
  4. Also here is an accurate review of a real one. this is done by 3dgamer man and he has a card with a ram cooler (as he states).
  5. I've been reaading that around the web today. I ordered one last week... and since I'm in PA, it's taking a while to get here. Should be here tomorw morning - so I'm going to be playing SC2 all night with my gtx260(no big deal)

    I'm very curious if i'm going to have the same complaint when mine comes. If I got hosed too, I'm sending it back and just ordering two EVGA superclock models for SLI.
  6. Same boat, I ordered 2 palit sonic gtx 460s 1gb. They were the cheapest gtx 460s on so I pulled the trigger. Anyways my current 4890 gets to 85c after awhile of gaming so temp really isn't an issue. I'll be sure to update the forums when they arrive though.
  7. It's really not a big deal they dont have the heatsink, but it's just pretty terrible business. I almost want to send it back just so they dont get my money. Even with the bios fix... it's still goign to run hotter (and thus louder b/c of the fans) than as advertised.
  8. meh I'm not worried about the heat. According to guru3d max is 79(5c higher then with then with the extra cooling) , which is still cooler then a 5850,5870 + anything nvidia has right now on the market now. I've never had a palit card though, so I hope that I don't have any issues with them (that's my main worry).
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