NVidia 9800 GT 1GB -vs- 512MB OC'ed

What's the difference between these two in terms of performance and application, etc.

I currently have an 8600GTS 512 OC'ed that I run 2 monitors at 1680x1050 with. It's this one:

I need to get a new video card for Starcraft 2. I mean, that's not the only thing I'm going to do with my computer, but just wondering if any of these are OK and what's the difference...for games and other things.

Thx! :)
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  1. The 9800GT SC certainly has wonderful features. Higher memory only comes into play at higher resolutions. But i think its time you shifted to the DX11 mode.
  2. You may as well save a bit more and get a DX 11 card as hell_storm2004 says. But in answer to your question, 1GB is really only advantageous against 512MB at larger resolutions as a larger frame buffer size (in MB) per frame is required compared to lower resolutions.
  3. So basically that 1GB is supposed to be designed for 2560 x 1600 x 2 DVI + 1 HDMI (1080p) simultaneously? And if you don't have anywhere near that, that extra 512MB is just wasted?
  4. Oh, btw, what happens when you do something like 2 x 9800 GT in SLI mode? What would that be quivalent to? Is that actually good compared to a single video card of the same total price? Or is that just a marketing gimmick? Would you be able to like run each monitor off one card in like a multi-client scenario?
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