Can I disregard HWmonitor's 5v VCCH readings if bios does not report i

HWmonitor is reading my 5V SB / VCCH at 3.09-4.30v, but nothing else other than speedfan seems to report it.
My bios does not even show +5v, only +3.3v and +12v and vcore.
Everest Ultimate only shows +12v vcore and +3.3v, same with easytune 6, but hwmonitor shows it fluctuating like mad.
It seems to go up whenever I run something intensive, like a benchmark or intel burn test. With IBT running, it'll hit 4.30v, while browsing a video on the steam store, it'll hit 4.09v, but idle it's like 3.09v

Now, since my bios does not report this, can I pretty much disregard everything that reports it?
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  1. Software monitoring is pretty buggy, I would disregard it. BIOS is generally accurate, but you could put a multi-meter to your motherboard, if it has the hookups to check for sure.
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