Intel E7200 vs E6850

Hello All,

I've got my choice between 2 processors and I'm having a hard time deciding. It seems the interwebs have let me down, as all I can find are people bickering back and forth between the two...

Option 1) Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00GHz

Option 2) Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53Ghz

(Quick Fact Sheet:

Originally I was going to go for the E6850, but I found a few articles that suggested overclocking the E7200 made it the better choice of the two.

I'm thinking if I change the E7200's bus speed from the default 1066 to 1333 to boost it up without having to change the voltage. Any thoughts?



P.S. I'm reading some of comments that HP desktops are a pain in the @ss to overclock, so maybe I'm just better off with the Stock E6850?
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  1. Go with the E7200 Wolfdale as it is 45nm compared to the E6850's older 65nm and it is newer technology and has more room for overclocking.

    This is a very close call since the E6850 has more L2 cache (4MB) but higher stock FSB frequency and the E7200 has less L2 cache (3MB) but a lower stock FSB which should allow for a higher overclock.

    In the end, I would choose the 7200 as it's newer and would likely last longer in the long run...
  2. Thanks for the quick and honest answer. I was torn.. I guess I am out of luck for overclocking seeing as this is a stock HP Workstation? (P/N: RB493UT#ABA) I looked through the BIOS, but unless it's a hidden feature, I couldn't find it.

    Maybe a software solution? I really appreciate the help.


  3. Having run an e8400 and e6850 back to back I'd go with the e6850 over the e7200 as it's on par with the e8400 @ stock.
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