PC not booting with new hdd installed

Hey all,

Having a bit of trouble installing and cloning a new internal hdd. Didn't see my problem come up in any threads so here it goes...

My old hdd is on the way out (groaning, grinding, moaning, etc.) so I ordered a new drive to replace it with. I popped it into the case and rebooted. However, when i did this all i get is a screen that says "Reboot and insert media that you wish to boot from" (Not verbatim but close). So I rebooted and went into BIOS. I checked the boot order and everything is fine. Optical drive then old hard drive just like its always been. I also checked to make sure that the SATA settings were correct and that the BIOS was recognizing the new hdd and it was. So I tried the reboot again with the same results. All I have to do is unplug the new drive and everything boots fine, but anytime I plug the new drive in I get stuck at the blinking "reboot and give me something to boot from!" screen.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. when booting press f12 to choose the boot device, make sure you have the windows cd in the optical
  2. I need the windows disk even if I'm not going to do a fresh install?
    My plan was to boot from my old drive (which still works for now) while both drives were plugged in. I was then going to use Acronis or Norton ghost to clone the old drive onto the new one.
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