Upgrading Mobo BIOS to support a CPU

i have a ga_8simlnf motherboard bios versen 1.0y 01/31/2004 and need to up date as my computer wont boot from cd have tried re setting in the bios but just starts windows up many thanks mal
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    The GA-8SIMLNF is an OEM MOBO so you'll need to go to the OEM site for any BIOS support.

    As far booting off the CD/DVD the CD/DVD media needs to be 'bootable'. If it's a Windows CD/DVD try holding F8. I assume "have tried re setting in the bios" meant that you changed the Boot Order in the BIOS to boot off the CD/DVD as first priority and next the HDD.
  2. yes from cd drive first priority but it does not save the changs it starts up windows so i can not put the boot up disk for windows xp if the computer crahes
  3. Replace your CMOS Battery if the actual BIOS setting is 'forgetting' the settings in the BIOS.
  4. many thanks will try that and put cd in drive and see if it works makie
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