Can cheaper one be as Good as Expensive One ?!?

Hi People ! I First wanted to go for i5 760 Rig but i found Phenom 965 BE which costs so much cheaper now i do this things :
1.i play games maxedout on 1440Rez
2.I need CPu to Handle all Heavy games
3.I wanna get ATI 5850 or 6870
4.I wanna get 2x2Gb 1333Mhz ram
5.i do no OC , CF, or SLI !
6.i want keep my RIG for Long time

now based on my NEED answer my Questions ( do u still remember CPUs that i mentioned )

1.Is there too much Difference between i5 760 & phenom 965 BE ?
2.will i get 100% great performance with 965 BE in games ?
3.which one Heats More ?
4.which one will work longer ?
5.which one is better match for ATI 5850 ?
6.which one takes More from PSU or Simply : which one will Work Quitly without needing of anyother Payment in Future
7.anyway does it worth to get Phenom 965 for Heavy Games ?
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  1. A...
    1.. well yes there is a difference, BUT , with the video card you are going to use I dont think you will get many fps difference.
    2...absolutely ., the phenom 965 is a beast of a proc and it will make any game fly
    3.... about the same
    4,,,,,,,,that depends, but both of them should give you 3 years
    5..........Phenom....because AMD own ATI , and the chipsets work well together
    6..............the i7 is the most powerfull ...but you get what you pay for generally are more dependant on the video card , so what you save on the i7 put it towards the vid card
  2. I'd go with the 955BE and overclock it.. There isnt THAT much difference between the 2 tbh..

    You'll save a fair bit of money opting for the 955BE which will go towards a better GPU which will prolong the life of the system..
  3. Thanks a lot pete , just a few questions :
    based on the my Current Location ( living Place ) , CPU that heats Less is better for me , anyway i heard that AMD Consumes lots of Power , is that that important ?because if PSU pay attantion to CPU ,then it will feed my VGA less . i realy worry about it , Intel seem to be Quite Girl which doesnt Cry for everything ! but AMD is better since it can provide me as Intel i5 & matches better with my VGA & costs less then i better go with AMD .

    Some things makes me get closer toAMD & something makes me Fall back !
    what i should do ?
    Wont AMD make Troubles for me ? does it have high enough Technology to Proide me at ANYTHING ?Can u mention how much Difference is ?( BETWEEN intel & AMD )
  4. Sorry to ask u these whole Questions , can u please read them all & answer them all that i dont ask them again & again ? thanks a lot my friend

    I havnt Owned AMD CPU before , thats why i Little afriad about things that i will lose by geting AMD & forget INTEL .
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