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All-right. So, I have a question for you folks. I finished connecting everything in my computer case finally, but have a remaining question - is it safe? What I have set up (with the fans) is...

All of the fans are connected with molex ports and pins. It goes...

Power supply molex PINS into the back chassis fan molex port (the little holes), the back chassis fan connected to the top chassis fan's four pin port, then the chassis fans are connected together with the four pin molex port of the intake. They're all connected together, essentially. I am wondering if this will cause any issues.
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  1. No issues, Molex are intended to be daisy chained like that.
  2. And fans pull very little power anyway. One 12 volt amp will power 3 or 4 fans.
  3. Only issues I can think of are:

    1. If a plug loosens, ya could lose all fans.

    2. You can't use MoBo / Software control of fan speeds.

    3. Most fans pull about a third of an amp. On a bidget MoBo and 3 pin connector, I'd worry with more than two of them. I generally don't like to load MoBo fan headers more than half of running load amps so as to account for inrush current. Higher speed fand can draw more of course, this moderate speed fan draws 0.53 amps. So if you had 6 of these daisy chained, that wud be a vit over 3 amps. This would certainly toast a MoBo header as enthusiast boards generally are rated for 2 amps, consumer boards at 1 amp.

    But since you going on a 12V direct to PSU, you won't have issues at all.
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