Motherboard usb ports malfunctioning?

I have got a MSI p67 motherboard. The front usb ports on my motherboard are corrupting all storage and usb devices like usb internet devices, usb storage devices and they aren't working anymore. Does the front usb ports on my computer case come with the P67 motherboard? I know this is a stupid question since I should know this one but still I don't remember. Please help

What I mean to ask is do P67 sandy bridge builds generally have front usb ports in its motherboard box? If it does then its my motherboard which is causing this whole mess and needs to be RMA'ed
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  1. Motherboards usually have pin headers for plugging in the front panel USB cables. Check to make sure that these cables are plugged into the correct pin headers. The motherboard manual will explain this well, and in detail.
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