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Hello, I have a S-ATA 2.5" Seagate HDD 320 GB which has been in RAW format. I have tried to fix it with various softwares (partition tools like Acronis Disk Director...) or even though checkdisk, but not succeed. I have also used command like chkdsk X: /r...but it said RAW format and can not access. As using other partition tools, it reported that Read error. It has no BAD sectors. In summary, I failed to save it alive. Any experts' suggestion should be highly valuable to me. Many thanks.
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  1. RAW format always can be fixed by formatting. Have you tried to format it?
    Or you can’t format it because of the important data on this HDD.

    Don’t worry. You have ways to save both of the inner data and this HDD.
    You should run a hard drive recovery freeware to save the inner data and forma this drive to save it afterwards.
    Honestly, this freeware was recommended by my friends as my WD 1TB flash drive was asked to format. The inner data also became inaccessible. However, luckily, this freeware recovered all my inaccessible data back. Therefore, I think it will work well on your HDD.

    You can try it there:

    PS: You should not forget to format it after the recovery process.
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