Which one heats more !?

Hi guys , i am living in Rather HOT Place & i dont wanna Pay for Cooler for CPU , i Discover that Stock fan of i5 760 will be enough in my Case . Now i foudn Phenom 965 BE which Consumes more Power . Now Does phenom Makes MORE HEAT & needs More Cool AIR , i mean which one makes more HEAT & which one will be more stable in HOT places ?
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  1. Hi FallOut99, welcome to THW.

    First, there is no need to create two threads with the same exact question 2min apart. If it was an accidental double post then dissregard that.

    What is the ambient temp your PC will be dealing with?

    With the Intel's, they usally run cooler than AMD chips, as for the i5-760 it can go up to 100C before it shuts down. IMHO, You never want to run it near or to that temp though, just for reliabilty sake. As for AMD temps I do not know alot about them specifically and cannot say how much heat the AMD can handle. As for which one handels the heat better I cannot say, but your best bet is to get a chip that runs the coolest in the first place.

    I'll post this on your other thread just incase so you see it either way.
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