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I recently purchased a Samsung Series 5 ultrabook with Windows 8 from Best Buy, and my intention was to replace the hard drive inside with a solid state drive. I ended up choosing a Samsung Series 840 250gb, so that it would actually fit into my computer.

My question is not on the installation of the drive, but rather on the re-installation of Windows onto my new hard drive. I was initially inclined to use the Windows Recovery and Restore functionality. I made a recovery disk on my external dvd-writer, and when I booted the computer up with my solid state in it, I went into "Reset your pc," however, it gave me an error saying that I did not have a correct partition on there for my recovery (I'm assuming it is looking for the one that was on my original hard drive). So I scrapped that idea and looked around a bit more and found out that Samsung has a recovery tool already on my computer. I figured I would give that one a go, and tried the "factory default" option which it makes a recovery image onto my external hard drive (Seagate freeagent go 320gb) and I also selected the option of making a boot disk onto the selected drive (my selected drive was my external hard drive, not my dvd writer with a blank disc in it). I was not able to get the boot disk to work, as I tried several times, it gave me the same error of not having enough space or something to that effect.

I want to know if there is a workaround for this mess because my computer did not come with a repair disk so that I could load windows back onto it, and I have heard bad things about trying to clone original hdd to my ssd. I have invested a lot of money into this computer and solid state drive and I want to find an inexpensive fix for this.

Any suggestions?

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  1. John,

    It sounds like you put a bootable image file on the external drive. Normally you need to either burn that image to a cd or set up a bootable thumb-drive with that image(YUMI is really good for the latter)

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