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Omega striker won't fit in PCI slot

alright i got an omega striker to upgrade from onboard sound. i open up my case (antec 300) and i tried to put it in the slot and it won't line up!

now i have a pci-e vid card in there and that lines up so i know that the mobo is set in there right. and there was a pci modem card in there that i just took out because i didn't need it.

i just put modem card side by side with the striker and the striker IS different. the middle notch thing is about 1mm too deep for it to fit in the slot. i have 2 pci slots and i tried both.

i thought that pci was just a standardized slot so i'm a little baffled by this one. my board is a foxconn board that is from a dell system. i searched on the web and read a brief thing from someone who said they had this problem on an asus board, but there was no answer there.

i'm gonna have to send the card back now which is a bummer but is this something other people have encountered? and if so what card do you think would fit? i am not a gamer, i just want good sound for music/movies.

i just got logitech z-2300 speakers and so i got the card to go with them. do you think i need a sound card or will onboard be adequate for my needs?
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  1. Hi creamyPB,

    If you can put the part number up for your motherboard and the Omega Striker, that would be helpfull.
  2. hmmm... i'm not sure where the part #is on the mobo. the striker model is HTO S-DTS71. the mobo is foxconn G33 from a dell inspiron 530
  3. Ok, I cannot find anything not 1 website with the name Striker Omega HTO S-DTS71, do mind me asking where you got it from or how much you paid for it?

    So your soundcard does not fit in the white PCI slots?
  4. well i clicked on the link and you don't need to scroll. it shows the picture! that is the mobo i have.
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    Ok, from what I can find a few people say they have trouble fitting it into the PCI slot either they say it was very tight or the PCB of the soundcard was warped. Only one person I could find said they couldnt install it.

    Have you tried to install it by taking your time, lay your PC on its side, have it well lit up and make sure everything lines up just right and apply firm pressure to seat it in place, if you feel like your pushing on it hard enough it may break and you have everything lined up perfectly, I would contact for an RMA.

    One thing that can happen is that you dont line up the mounting plate on the back correctly and this will prevent you from being able to install the card.

    If it just does not look like it will fit at ALL, RMA it for a new one.
  6. yes i already got an rma # so it goes back tomorrow.

    i promise i took my time and tried to line it up. everything was lit well and all that jazz. and from what i could see there was nothing wrong with the card. i'm gonna just chalk it up to a random weirdness.

    thank you for answering me so fast though. i appreciate you taking the time. respect to the chief!
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