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A friend recently recommended I try DrivePurge utility on one of my hard drives on another system. I did and the results were very good.
However I have a Revo 3X2 on yet another system and am wondering if it is safe to use DrivePurge on a SSD?

Your views would be appreciated

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  1. The RevoDrive is not a single SSD but rather a raid of either two or four drives depending on the size of the RevoDrive. Has the Revo shown signs of lower performance or are the transfere rates slowing down ? Or is this just something that you want to do ?
    I would go to the OCZ forums and ask this question. I have had RevoDrives and anytime I wanted information I went to the OCZ forums because at other forums people were not much help and really didn't know much about them and thought the RevoDrives were a gimick. Also at the OCZ forums you can download the OCZ tool box which may have something similar to DrivePurge.
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