Is my I7-950 Running hot?

It seems like it's running abnormally hot compared to my laptops core duo.. but google tells me i7's run hot by nature, so.. jusdt looking for a little confirmation to easy my mind

When I first installed it I spread the thermal paste with a coffee filter, was getting 51 C idle temps and sensor tests were putting it at 100 quickly.. so I took it off, wiped it clean, dabbed a dot in the center of the cpu and let the heatsink spread it itself (a quick look shows the corners aren't covered, but the heat sink contact is completely covered, so.. don't think it matters)

Stock cooler, no OCing at all, these the temperatures I should be looking at? (it's runnign a little hot there, normally bounces between 39-42 with firefox open and a few tabs, which is.. fairly close to idle)
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  1. Your temps are excellent for that cpu. My 920 got up to 90c under load.
  2. ^especially with a stock cooler.
  3. First off your temps are fine. And google might say i7's right hot by nature but my stock clocked i7 920 with a V8/AS5 idles at 25C sometimes even lower.
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