HELP-i think I may have fried my mobo-Gigabyte 965-DS3

Hi all,

Was upgrading my system:

Gigabyte motherboard GA-965p-ds3.
Intel E4300
Corsair 2GB Ram

Everything was stable, my intention was to add an extra 2GB RAM.

I put the RAM in and turned on => computer didnt boot.

Took the RAM out back to original configuration and had to clear CMOS in order to access bios again as it wouldnt boot.

In my experimentation to try and find confurations that worked I mixed the two types of RAM up in the dual channel slots. Note-this was DDR2 Ram of same size but different frequencies.. 800Mhz and 533 Mhz I believe.

At this point there was a strange smell....

I've checked my old RAM in my other PC and theyre fine. However when I put ONLY my old ram into my old PC the computer wont even make it into the BIOS.

I had no idea mixing RAM could fry my mobo. I've tried everything I can think of and at this point am considering throwing away the mobo and salving the rest for parts.

This is a great shame. Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

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  1. Does your system power up after press the power button?
    Does your mobo have a speaker?
    Have you tried using the 533 MHz RAM by itself?

    A boot, but no display symptom can be caused by a number of things, but let's start with your most recent changes. If your mobo has a speaker, it should give you a series of beeps if you attempt to boot w/o any RAM installed, can you verify this happens?
  2. Have tried all the combinations I can think of.

    Yes there is a speaker. However I cannot confirm it works. It's my parents pc so am not familiar with it. Although it I plugged in.

    I've tried both sets of ram varying from trying to use 1 stick out true 2 to both

    I can confirm the old ram worked for 2 years however now doesn't work in this system although works in my pc when I tested it.

    Pc would power cycle regardless of configuration. Tonight while I've been experimenting, all fans spin but no activity on screen. And no power cycling. I've switched CPUs and gfx cards. Nothing makes a difference anymore... Starting to go mad!
  3. Sounds like your PSU is failing. Get a digital multimeter or voltmeter to test the P1 connector. If the PSU is good, your readings should be:

    Red= +5v
    Yellow = +12V
    Orange = +3.3V
    Blue = -12V
    Brown = +3.3V
    Green = +5V
    Purple = +5v
    Gray will go from 0 to +5 volts when the power switch is turned on
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