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My 16 y/o son wants to do a science fair project dealing with arrays on a 6 to 8 raid drive system. Since he is not building a server for extended use he doesnt need large capacity or a high end system. Any ideas on a low cost enclosure, system & set of drives for him to use? Is there such a thing as renting a server or oaning for a few months? I lost my job so cannot afford much but do not want to squelch his talent. He has won several CS competitions in the past & I know he is worth the investment but am looking for options. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. I would try to talk to the IT guys at the school(or school system), and see if they could maybe provide(loan) some old drives for this. Maybe ask a local computer shop to "sponser" him and loan some hardware - Ask the teacher first.
  2. Unfortunately for years he has been smarter than the school system tech guys. The teachers have been asking him for help since 6th grade. We live in a rural community with very limited tech resources.
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