HD 5770 vs. HD 5850 Advice wanted please

Hello everyone, please let me first thank you for taking the time to look at my thread and trying to advice me. Here is my problem/decision that I have to make.

I have just built my first computer and It went well however, as I didn't have all the money at one time, I couldn't buy the graphics cards or my full amount of Ram.

Here is the system that I have built.

AMD phenom x4 955 (slight overclock to 3.5ghz)
2gig cheap DDR3 1333mhz Ram
OCZ stealth X-Stream 500watt PSU. (link for tech spec)


Gigabyte 890GPA UD3H motherboard (crossfire 8x/8x support)
Antec 900 case
500gig SATA II hard drive
Windows 7 Ultimate.

I currently Game at 1440 x 900 but If I could raise graphics to max at a higher would buy a bigger monitor I think. And I want to play games such as WOW, COD's, fallout 3, crysis, GTA IV, Stalker, mass effect 2, dirt 2, and other DX 11 titles.

I now have to decide what graphics card to buy. I have decided that I have two choices:
1. Buy a HD 5770 and 4gig of decent G.SKILL duel channel gaming RAM this month, and maybe crossfire when I get paid next month ( will my PSU be enough?)
2. Buy Ram this month, and wait a month and save to buy one HD 5850, with the option to xfire later, and perhaps buy a bigger monitor for following month or get one for my birthday.

What would people recommend me to please for the games I am playing, I would like to for the money I have paid be able to play almost all games on max settings with around 60+ fps ( bar Crysis ). And also would my PSU be enough to crossfire HD 5770's if that's what you recommend. Thanks again.
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  1. Well the choice of 5770 vs 5850 depends on your monitor, because 5770 can handle games fine on resolutions up to 1920x1200,whereas a 5850 is a better choice at 1920x1200 and higher resolutions
  2. Personally i would go with the 5850

  3. I bought a 5850. I run res at 1680*1050. I know a 5770 would probably did the trick. But I am looking at future upgrades. I plan on upgrading my cpu, mobo, and ram abit down the line. And I am sure that these cards will fall in price. So, maybe p/u another 5850 for some x-fire action. I go for the 5850 man. it has treated me right. good luck on your decision.
  4. In my opinion, I'd personally go with the single 5850 for now. then x-fire them later on as a future upgrade.
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