What MoBo has EFI?

what motherboard right now on new egg, has EFI and AM3?
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  1. As far as I know EFi boards will not be out until the begining of next year, but I do know Gigabyte already announced a P67 board with EFI, but no AM3. Asus is also working on EFI and will probably realease them around the same time.
  2. any AM3+ boards out yet? or reviewed?
  3. i actually stumbled on some server boards with uEFI for those searching.
  4. This is really all I could find, other than that I dont belive that those boards are out either and will not be unitl we are much closer to Bulldozer being released.

  5. i emailed them, i believe it to be a typo, from the manufacture, in fact i emailed DFI.
    i think the AM3+ will be a faster HT speed.
  6. ^Yeah, I kind of thought it was odd also, it didnt seem to me like a site that would have a product out before anyone else had it available. :)
  7. scoobertdoo said:
    what motherboard right now on new egg, has EFI and AM3?

    None as far as I can tell. EFI is Intel's pet and I've never seen it on any AMD boards. Some Intel server boards have EFI or its successor, UEFI, though. It's funny that server boards would be the ones to use EFI/UEFI as many servers run Linux, BSD, or some other Unix and the Unixes don't need EFI/UEFI to boot from HDDs bigger than 2.2 TB. They can do it with an ordinary BIOS.

    Also, AM3+ boards are not out yet. I'd expect to see some show up at trade shows in a handful of months as desktop Bulldozer is slated to come out in the spring.
  8. i hope the AM3+ show up soon, that is my next step, i skipped am3, i am on a AM2+ board right now.
  9. Your going to have to wait for BullDozer's release for AM3+ far as I know, which will be anywhere from Q2-Q3 next year. :(
  10. i surely hope it is tri channel DDR3
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