ATI 5850 in these cases?

Im gathering some parts and then building a computer on christmas day:). Anyways i will be buying a ATI 5850 (Maybe a GTX 460 depending on price), and was wondering if these cases will fit the larger cards... I also want to SLI/Crossfire in the future... Would that fit? Or will i need to think up some new cases (30-55$)?

AeroCool VS-9 Case
Antec 300

The cases are on my Christmas list so if they wont fit these cards then I will have to change it quickly :lol:.

Really noobish question: If a mobo is ATX, then it will fit mATX, Mid Tower ATX, and/or a full Tower ATX, correct?? :lol:
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  1. both cards are not long at all, they will fit in any of the three cases. I know you can fit two GTX 460 SLI in an antec 300, should be fine in the other two.

    an ATX mobo will fit in all three cases or any case that states it will take ATX mobo.
  2. Cool thanks! :)
  3. If you get a 300 get the 300 Illusion as it comes with all the fans you need for just a few $$$ more. Good fans are $10 to $15 each.
  4. I know, two of them i meant to stick on here but i must have clicked something else and i accidently posted multiple threads :(.

    Haha but thank you for answering in all of them :).
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