WD NAS or WD Black 2tb

Whats the difference in these 2 drives other than price:



I am still buying the pieces to put together a new build, I normally use a WD 500g Black (I have a new blue but think I'll get the black for this build) for my OS's, triple booting, the new 2tb drive would hold all my music, movie files (.vob's, avi's and other formats), and my game iso's and other documents I keep, I also use networked computers to watch these movies and music on the other pc's in my house. This drive would be accessed all the time so it would get a lot of use. What do you think?
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  1. NAS drives are "optimised" to work in network environment (to be put in NAS Boxes). If you look at the specs, you will wee NAS drive does not specify RPMs, while Black drive is firmly 7200rpm.
  2. I went back and found this, Rotational Speed (RPM): IntelliPower, so it wouldn't work for me then, thank you very much.
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