AMD 3D??

Hey dudes,...

Does AMD Have 3D??

NVIDIA is just freaking with all its 3D advertising but I dont recall seeing anything of AMD.
Do you guys know about any AMD 3D??

Thanx guys.
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  1. not yet, but i've heard rumors that they are working on it
  2. jefe323 said:
    not yet, but i've heard rumors that they are working on it

    This. Supposedly it's on the way... we'll see.

    Perhaps when they release the Southern Island cards later this year, it'll come along with a 3D announcement as well.
  3. It depends on what you mean by 3D, they already support different methods including shutter glasses, but it just depends on game and hardware support. The equivalent of 3D Vision is still waiting for a launch.

    You can already do it with the iZ3D / Zalman solution;,10497.html

    I would say once 3D BRs really push out more in the fall (Avitar 3D is supposed to be either Xmas or early next year) then you will see a big push for more monitor/TV support which will lead to more desire to produce games in 3D without the requirement solely for a single game or two, it will be more widespread.
  4. amd dosnt have it but u can do it there are other drivers in market as well screens and glasses
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