Can i get anything back if i somehow deleted a partition on my laptop

i have deleted recovery files from laptop now suffering wifi problem plz help me ..i have hp probook 4530s...i have hp probook 4530s..having window 7 home premium....
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  1. Did you delete a partiton that contains the Window7 OS (ie drive C), a a partition thay only contains files you created (ie Drive D).

    You may be hosed But worth a try. To recover the Lost partition try:
  2. Delete a partition is not a big problem. You need Vimx Partition Recovery to help you, which specializes in recovering data from deleted partition.
    After the recovery process, you could create a new partition to replace the original one like this:
    Right click “Computer Management” to select “Manage”=> Choose “Disk Management” => Right click the deleted partition and hit “New Logical Drive” on the list => format it.
    Tips for you to recover data:
    1. Stop using this drive immediately to avoid overwriting the original data, which can make your data gone permanently.
    2. Save your recovered files on a different storage device in case of recovery failure.
    3. Back up you data in a different drive in case of similar problem.
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