ATI Radeon 5770 3d graphic distortion

I build my own computer several months ago, and I use ATi Radeon 5770 as my graphic card. Everything is working perfectly except for 3D games that I play, all games with no exception.

More about the distortion: there are a lot of lines and spikes coming out of the correct graphics in all direction. So some times, my character looks like wearing a spiky armor. This distortion doesnt always happen, it might not happen for the first 2-3 hours and then it can appear suddenly little bit by little bit and get worse and then if I keep playing and ignoring it, the graphic can get better and back to the perfect graphic.

I have no idea of what might caused this, I thought it has something to do with the graphic card timing, but nothing change even after playing around with it. Hope there is some1 out there that can help me resolve this problem, thx
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  1. Sounds like overheating to me!have you check your gpu temperatures at the time it occurs?
  2. I know the example that I gave says that it is good for the first2-3 hours but that is only one of the case, sometime, it is bad from the beginning. So it is a little bit random. But I will take your advice to check the temperature.
  3. the temperature when that I see is 53 Celcius when the picture went flicker and spiky. So is it too hot? or is it simply video card defect or is it driver problem? I still cant manage to pin down the problem
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