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Hello, I just built my first computer but I am having a problem with it crashing.It mainly happens after playing games but it's not instant it usually happens about an hour or so after i am done playing games. Could someone please help me out.

My Build
AMD Phenom2 x4 645
MSI NF980-G65 motherboard
2x2gb ocz DDR3 1600 ram
OCZ modx 700 watt power supply
Power Color ATI HD5450 512mb
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  1. Overclocked? Did you properly time the ram? Download prime95 and run the blend test, does it crash if you let it run for an hour? Also download realtemp or speedfan and monitor your CPU temps, are the at acceptable levels? Your PSU should handle that GPU in spades, so it's doubtful it is the issue, however it is possible. Do you have a known-good PSU spare?
  2. Sounds like heat.
    Check if your cpu HSF is seated properly and the fan is running fast enough.
  3. zach is right check your temps first, you may have some problems with your setting of your HSF, I would try some other ram also, you may have bunk ram.
    Also try googling your problem with your motherboard, I had a similar problem with an older DFI board, and come to find out it was a wide problem among those boards and further details was the chipset on the board
  4. When I first ram prime95 i got an error so I did the test on each individual stick and the both worked for over an hour then i put both back it and they ran for over an hour.

    Also in speed fan how do I tell which temp is my cpu?
  5. Wow, breast enhancement pills? Methinks you may be marketing to the wrong demographic, abiram98. lol

    OP, if I remember correctly, it's usually the first or second temperature in the box on the right in the middle of the speedfan window. If you can't decipher it, take a screen shot and let us take a look.
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