Hdd Powers up in PUIS without jumper

Ok i have 2 WD hdd that power up like this, they dont show in bios and wont show in Win 7 or xp, i can make them show if i boot up in linux first and do a restart, but if i shutdown my computer or let it go into stand by it will not show the drive again, dose anybody know how to change this, there isnt a jumper on either one so its not physically set to power up like this
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  1. You could use HDAT2 to disable PUIS. To wake up the drive, you will need to start HDAT2 with the /w switch, ie ...

    HDAT2 /w

    HDAT2/CBL Hard Disk Repair Utility:

    If that doesn't work (some WD models had a PUIS bug), then the following fix should do it:
  2. Idk how to use HDAT2 i was messing with it but i dont know how to get dos on my machine so im lost in the sause, Ill try the link you posted now and see if its any dice
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