If Money was no object?

What Motherboard would you buy and why?
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  1. If money was no object, I wouldn't buy a mobo, I will buy AMD and ask the development team to design me a a new mobo, cpu and gpu every year or so.
  2. Ok let me rephrase...

    If money was no object which Motherboard on the market "today" would you purchase, and why?
  3. If money is not a problem and I have to buy something today, then I will be lazy and not build my own and just get a supercomputer from Cray.
  4. Awesome! Whilst we're at it I’ll give you my employee ID at Cisco so we can buy a few UCS-B Servers throw in some Nexus 9K for fabric switching and we'll design our own private cloud all with an employee discount. But that doesn’t answer the question originally posted.

    Seriously i ask because I’ve been through and through these forums and others online looking at z68 boards, GIGABYTE, ASUS, ASROCK etc... I’m having a tough time deciding on a board. I personally love ASUS have never had issues with any build using ASUS as the foundation. I'm a little wary of their flagship board at 359.00 when you have things like ASROCK and GIGIABTE half the cost or less with as many features.

    I'd love to read some great opinions to help me make a decision on a board whilst taking the cost component out of the equation as much as possible for the most part I know it’s always a factor but its lower on my list in the decision making process.

    I know we all have personal preferences so I’m trying to utilize the community here to come up with a few solid educated opinions to help me finalize my custom machine.
  5. Sorry, I though you are just here for random chit chat. But I like the idea of a private cloud storage service. :) Next time title it as "I need help to choose a board". Asrock is a spunoff of Asus. Giga is good as well. If you are going for z68, I assume you are going to oc, correct? But are you going to use the smart response tech in the z68? If not I recommend getting P67 board. Also are you going for sli or crossfire setup? Do you want mATX or ATX? Can you provide more info to narrow down candidates?
  6. I was originally looking at P67. I built my wife's PC using the ASUS P67 Sabertooth of course that was after having major issues with GIGABYTES P67 having to return it 3 times to the Tigerdirect store down the street Come to find our that board shares a BUS with another component commonly causing blue screens. The ASUS ended up being a very decent board we’ve added the extra fan below the CPU slot pushing air behind the "thermal armor" we've got her PC overclocked at 4.0Ghz stable with an i5 2500k. So I was looking at a similar build but recently posted my build in another forum and of course everyone said TERRIBLE BOARD GET A z68 so here I am in the Motherboard forums trying to get some advise.

    Yes Overclock 4.3-4.5Ghz using the i7 2600k
    Yes SLI is a Factor 2x MSI FRZR 2 GTX 560TI's
    Corsair 600T graphite Case (love the cable management grommets)
    Corsair 1000W PSU (Already Owned)
    8gig RAM g.skill eco DDR3 SDRAM 1600 (PC12800)
    Noctua NH c-or-d14 (depending on the board)

    I'm still not 100% on using Smart Response technology which was 1 reason i posted her asking which board and why? I was hoping a few people would reply giving me a better grasp on some of the rich features people are using on these boards and in what context.
  7. Yes, Giga board p67 or z68 have a bug in the usb 3.0 turbo mode where usb 3.0 gain a bit of performance by accessing directly to the pcie. I think disabling the turbo mode can fix it without much performance hit on usb 3.0. But since it has know problem, IMO, I will try to avoid it.

    If you are going for a 2600k sli build, then you are building a performer and you are going to get ssd sometimes, correct? I am not a big fan of SRT. My reason for that is because I have a large enough ssd for all program and os and for storage, the files are sequential and a normal HDD on usb 3.0 or esata is fast enough for that. Also I am not sure how SRT affects the wear level on ssd since I don't know how often it will refresh and rewrite my cached content. So I will go for P67 to save some money and invest on better ssd.

    People are saying Asus Sabertooth is a poor board because of the thermal guard right? Its purpose is to help cooling, so I doubt a reputable company like Asus will release the product if the guard makes the cooling worse. Even if it does overheat, they are removable, just remove it. So if Asus Sabertooth worked with you before, get it. Nothing beats personal experience.
  8. Honestly I hadn’t made a decision on the SSD i had been looking at a few but I kept thinking to myself... Self, what would i load on a SSD... the only thing that came to mind was the actual OS that was it. so if i bought a 60GB SSD just to load the OS and maybe visio for network digrams and what not... is it really worth it in the end? My Laptop has an SSD and the 10sec boot time is great but I’m not going to run crysis or wow or SWTOR Beta on it i would just slave a 1.5T HD to the SSD I guess.

    By the way thank you for your input it’s been very helpful and I’ve taken what you said about personal experience in to mind and more than likely just go that route. Of course it would have been nice to tell me wife her PC sucks after i build mine =)

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