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PSU Overheating?

I got this PSU:

(TH isn't letting me hyperlink for some reason)

Right now the AUX temp in both PC Wizard and SpeedFan is telling me that it's around 95C.

The comp is propped up on 2 small pieces of wood, and I can feel that the fan from the PSU is on, but not as strong as the other fans in the case.

I felt the top of the PSU and it was cool to the touch, so I don't know why it's reading those temps, or if "AUX" and "AUX FAN" (which reads 0rpm) is something else.

Any ideas?

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    At 95c your psu would have popped.
    Your psu temp can't be read by those programs, or any other, it would have to have a sensor and be connected to the mb by more than just the power connections.
  2. whats in this computer? is the power supply on top or below?
    if its on top it could be absorbing all the heat from the cpu and video within the case.

    iv seen this overheat low quality 120mm fan having psu in a top mount case.
    due to rather hot running athlon 5000+cpu and a large hot hd3870 videocard.

    gaming heat would cause psu to shut off.
    to combat it iv installed an additional 120mm side panle fan an 80mm exhaust fan

    aquired a 3rd party gpu heatsink "Tt duorb" and to make sure it never ever needs more internal air movement i threw in a dual fan card on the bottom of the case lifting air up and in from under the case...
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. I tried googling AUXTIN this time and saw some people with similar situations and apparently yeah, the software is incorrect.

    The PSU is on the bottom.
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  5. @ dafunklull
    Um, What ?

    Did you read the part about " cool to the touch ", do you know that 95c is 203f and that the human body is around 98f.

    Her power supply is not overheating, she's worried about reading that isn't the psu, can't be , it's not capable of providing that information.
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