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High CPU temps

So heres how it went down, I was playing my video game and I noticed my FPS would drop way down when i got in to heavy load areas , they where acting really strange dropping to single digits. So I restart my computer to see if that would solve the problem but it did nothing. I started checking my comp to figure out what was going on. I ran some temp readings from a third party program and they said I was running at 60C at idle and up to 80's under load. I would say it ran at the 60-80 range for and hour or two before I started running temp programs.
I though it was my graphics card acting up so I was troubleshooting that. When I checked the temp through bios it was reading 97C in red. I opened my case and noticed my cpu heat sink was somewhat lose( One of the plastic lock downs was not locking down and it had pulled away from the cpu a little. So I tightened it back down and turned my pc back on the the temps were the same. So i shut it off and haven't turned it on since. Im guessing the thermal compound dried up when the heat sink was pulled away.
With temp so high, how damaged is my cpu from that kind of temps and also my motherboard? I have a !5-760 and a Sabertooth 55I Motherboard. I don't have any thermal paste so I cant see if that fixes the problem, I am in the process of ordering a aftermarket heat sink since the Intel one does latch right and getting some thermal paste with it. How can you tell if a cpu is burned out or motherboard. I just bought this system so im still in the 30 day return policy for newegg, and well within the manufacturer warranty.Should I try and return the motherboard and cpu just to be on the safe side? Or am I over reacting for something that is not that big of a deal? Any help would be thankful, I'm really stress-en this.

*Edit The temp program is Coretemp. Also when I was trouble shooting it when I still though it was the video card, it did power off on its own, that's what made me start the temp checks.
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    The warranty won't cover a fried CPU. However, CPU's have internal circuitry that shuts them down before bad things happen.

    Just take the system apart.....take out the CPU and clean it with dab of isoprophly alcohol on a clean piece of non shedding cloth / chamois. Apply the new paste as per manufacturer's instructions.

    Don't scrimp on the cooler. A Scyth Muegn 2 Rev B SCMG-2100 would be my recommendation at $40 from newegg.

    Don't try and do this within the case. Take the MoBo out and do it on a clean surface, preferably the original MoBo sleeve it was shipped in.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, what you have to say makes me feel alot better. As for the Heatsink, Im still looking for one I have a Lexa S case and its only 177mm wide so I have to find me a somewhat small cooler. And thanks for the info on what to use for cleaning the old thermal paste.
  3. By running it that hot for a while did I damage the cpu in anyway?
  4. Usually, the cpu is automatically throttled down when the temp is too hot, so for now just do what jack said above, re-apply the thermal paste and get better cooler, post here again about the result...
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