Will this hardware work for blue ray?

Hi everyone, I built my friend a computer a long time ago and he now wants to upgrade his computer and put a blue ray drive in it to watch blue ray movies. I have been out of the loop for some time and never to good with video standards and all that, so I am hoping to get as much feed back here to see if the hardware he has will be good enough to handle a blue ray drive, to actually get the quality of blue ray from the drive, with his current video card and monitor...

His video cars is

his monitor is

his processor is

he does not want to get a blue ray drive if he cannt see blue ray quality. so based off these parts i mentioned would he be able to experience blue ray quality if i installed a blue ray drive for him?

thank you
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  1. here is a blu-ray advisor that will tell you if your system is ready for blu-ray playback:
  2. this doesn't exactly help though.. cause it says the video card failed but everything else passed.. so if the vid card fails and everything else passed... well.. um.. does that mean i can play it because everything else passed? someone said his processor might be able to handle the blu ray play back without having to get a new video card..
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    blue-ray requires a hdcp capable gpu
  4. hdcp, great thank you thats what i was looking for information wise,
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