Very slow SSD

i got a new pc with crosair neutron gtx 120 SSD as drive C
anyways the 1st time i used the pc the SSD was very slow so installed a new fresh windows and i had the same problemm again
after some reading i saw that i had to change Sata from IDE to ACHI and it worked and the pc ran fine
after 24 hours it started to freeze and gives blue screens again
can anyone help me please ? whats wrong wiith the SSD do i need new Bios upgrade or what ?
my mother board is ASUS P8H77-M PRO
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  1. The sata mode cannot be changed after Windows has been loaded , you have to make that change from IDE to AHCI before Windows is loaded.
    There is a registry fix that you can do after Windows has been loaded or you can just reload Windows again and with AHCI enabled first.
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