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A new comp that is, so my question to you guys is how much should i sell my old comp to a friend for? Its a 8800gts 512, athlon 64 x2 5200, 2-1 gig samsung ram sticks running at 333mhz (You see why i am upgrading?) and some random mb. Anyways my question is how much to charge? I wanna charge like 50 cus the 8800gts is still pretty legit, atleast imo but the rest is junk. Should i be charging more? Less?


ps he has a radeon x700 ...
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  1. $50 US might be a little low, depending on the power supply (is it about to die or does it have a few years left?). I wouldnt feel bad about charging a friend only $50 US for it, they are getting a pretty good deal.
  2. Talking from experience, I would give him the stuff for cheap (as you want to do it) or even free on the condition that no service whatsoever will be provided after that. "My video card stopped working, can you come and fix it?"; "Help, I'm having BSODs" ; "What's wrong with the PSU you gave me?" etc etc etc.
  3. Im stealing the psu for me, since its pretty new, so dont include that in your descisions. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1369605 <--- Pretty much that stuff + the case that its in is all he is getting. So i dont really wanna charge to much.
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