Will it fit? ATi Radeon 5850

Hey guys.

Currently, my intel chipset is coping with games I'm throwing at it, suprisingly. It's holding it's own with Portal, HL2, Episode 1 and 2, Team Fortress 2 (except TFWare gamemode), Garry's Mod, Beat Hazard, Iron Grip and Killing Floor all at medium with a few settings set to high.

Some other games like Alien Swarm, L4D2 and others don't run as well so I'm considering a Graphics Card update.

The problem is, my case and Motherboard are MicroATX form factor (24.5cm x 24.5cm). I'm worried if I pursue a CPU and gfx card upgrade the components won't fit. It's a prebuilt HP a6744uk with an ASUS Benicia-GL8E Motherboard.
I bought a TV Card [DVBT-210 SE] and that fit in a PCI slot, but only after I removed some bendy metal thingy that was covering the panels inside the case.

So my question, Will an ATI 5850 actually fit into my motherboard/case?
Also, would I need a micro atx power supply, my stock supply only gives out 300w and I can't find the dimensions on it. It's a LiteOn PS-5301-08HF. I was hoping to replace it with a Corsair HX 650W PSU.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. the 5850 is 9.5 inches long, measure and find out =)
  2. Hey, thanks for the speedy reply.

    9.5 inches, that's one huge card lol. The case is 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches. It might fit but it might block something. What do you guys think? (Picture Link below)

  3. Its gonna fit perfectly, its shorter than your Mobo.
    But see what is on the edge right from the PCIe slot, you might block a few SATA ports.
  4. as timop said, usually the you would just be blocking sata ports.

    if you have angled ports, that won't be an issue at all. but i can't imagine you would need all of them anyway.

  5. Found this pic of your board, with the exception of the top two SATA ports and perhaps having to remove the card before adding/removing RAM, you can even fit a 5870 in there.
  6. Awesome, thanks guys.
    My PC is using 4GB of ram so hopefully I won't need to upgrade that anytime soon, just now comes crossing fingers with the PSU :D
    Thanks again
  7. Sorry for the double post, can't edit.

    Just wondering, is it actually worth getting a 5850 with my CPU? (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200).

    If not, any other recommendations on a card (can't change the CPU)?

    Thanks, sorry about this.
  8. Are you saying you have integrated graphics right now??

    If so, even a 4670/5670 would be a huge improvement.
  9. The 5850 is 9.5 inches long, but will need 10.5 inches once you connect the power connectors.

    My case can just fit a 10.5 inch card, and the 5850 barely fits after I plug in the power connectors.
  10. @r-sky - Yes it's an integrated at the moment (Intel GMA 3100 I believe). Suprisingly, it's holding it's own with the old games. The only time I get problems is when enemies are spawing in games like L4D2 and Alien Swarm (Was pushing the boundaries when I tried) even on low settings.
    However, in games The Orange Box (all packaged games) and killing floor, I don't usually experience lag unless it's with my connection. Civ 4 ran as well, although it did flicker frequently.

    @bluescreen - Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. I wouldn't know how to arrange all the wires to accomidate such space for a 5850. Also, I can't seem to figure out whether the port is 2.0 or 1.0 (although it's backward compatible, but it'd be counter productive running a high end card in old hardware).
  11. even 1.0 wouldn't bottleneck it. 1.0 is equivalent to a 2.0 @ 8x. and testing shows this is only a marginal bottleneck to very high end card (gtx 480 and 5970)

    in terms of the wiring, it may be an issue. do ou have an empty HDD or ODD drive directly behind where the card would be though? in most cases the card and its wires could just extend into this spot with no issues. assuming you have an empty bay.
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