Need backup solutions for around 200TB

I am in need of options for near line backup storage of about 150 - 200TB. Currently we are using 10 DroboPro units with 8X3TB drives. They are old and now out of warranty and before we buy new ones, we need options. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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  1. Have you looked into cloud storage for a backup option ? With this kind of size (200 TB ) I would think you would be looking someplace other than a forum for help.
    Is your question about replacing the 3 TB drives ? Is the number correct that your looking for 80 3 TB drives ?
    If that is correct then I would consider the new WD red drives which are designed for NAS.

    Depending on your budget the WD Black drive is one of the better all around drives and it comes in the 4 TB size now.
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