Upgrade or not? GTX275 -> GTX460

I currently run a BFG GTX 275, clock running at 680Mhz, memory at 1230Mhz and Shader at 1511Mhz. DX11 aside, would the transition to a GTX 460 1GB be a horizontal move? Would the DX9 and DX10 performance increase, and if so, anyone have any numbers as to how much? I know that most who have moved up to this card from the 8800 and the 9800 have been very pleased, but what about us with higher-end 200s? I fear that DX9 and DX10 games will gain next to nothing. All comments are welcome. :)
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  1. don't expect a huge performance jump when it comes to raw power, the only upgrade you will notice is having DX11. Plus you are stuck when it comes to upgrading that GPU since you cannot go SLI with your current board. Get a 470 or better if you want to see some real gains.
  2. stay with your GTX 275 unless someone wants to over-pay you for it
  3. Some of the top GTX460's actually perform right along side with the 470s. Like the palit sonic platinum 1gb
  4. Keep what you have, save money and see what other cards Nvidia release based on the 460 design (hopefully a better version of the 470) then get one of those
  5. ct1615 you've read my mind! Yes, I have the chance to drop less than $100 for a Gigabyte 460 1Gb card after selling the 275. So, this is why I'd like to know if this is an "upgrade" (no matter how marginal), or is it a step down? Forget about DX11 - if this was still only a DX10 card, would it perform below, at-par, or above that of the 275? That's my question. DX11 is pretty much just whipped cream at this point...but it's not the deciding factor. Thanks!
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    i would not drop $100 to upgrade from the GTX275 to GTX460. even if your FPS does go up, I doubt it would be a noticeable change without FRAPS. I'd wait for the GTX 475 to come out.

  7. Well this was a short lived thread haha - you're right ct1615! Can't say it makes much sense except for the DX11 feature, which, as I said, is non-issue for me at this time. I've already declined selling the card and removed the post on kijiji for it. Thanks!
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