How to install Windows 8 on SSD from HDD?

Hey there. So I just installed my Samsung 840 and I think it's okay. It wasn't showing up in My Computer but it was in the disk manager so I made a partition on it and formatted it and now it's in My Computer so I presume its working.

Anyway, I'm running Windows 8 off my HDD, it is a version I downloaded from my College as we get a free copy of it.
It isn't an ISO version it's just one that you can click on setup and enter in the cd key and all.
I was wondering how can I go about installing this onto my SSD?

Thanks for any help and if you need to know something please let me know.
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  1. Possible that it was just an update? Even Win8 wants to create a DVD for installation.
    You can clone your hdd to your ssd using Samsung Data Migration. It should be shipped with your ssd or can be downloaded under
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