PCI sound card in PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot?

As things currently are, I have a P6X58D-E and a single GTX 460. I also have a Razer Barracuda AC-1, which requires a full PCI slot. I want to run SLI in the future, but from everything I see I cannot do so with the AC-1 as both PCI slots are blocked by cards.

The only way I can see getting around this would be to put the AC-1 in the last PCI-E 2.0 slot. It looks like it would fit, but is it compatible? The only issue would be that the sound would face the other way, but I could get around that.

Thanks everybody.
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  1. No. Pci and pci-e are not the same. I would try the onboard sound.
  2. Thanks. Onboard sounds sucks compared to this card. I contacted ASUS directly but they haven't given me a clear answer. They say I can run an SLI setup and use a PCI card but simply by looking at the board it doesn't seem true. So far it looks like my only option is to run both video cards in the bottom slots (16x/1x) to leave the top PCI slot free, or get another board.

    edit: I guess technically it can be an SLI setup using the bottom two slots but then I don't get to use things to their full potential.
  3. Options:
    1. Onboard sound. Use the 'green' 3.5mm, or best choice one of the S/PDIF ports.
    2. PCIe Sound Card.
    3. USB Sound.
    4. HDMI Sound.
    5. Waterblock GTX 460 ; make room.

    I hear no distortions, interference, static, etc on any my onboard P6X58D-E. Correct PCIe and PCI are incompatible.

    Q - How does it 'suck?'

    If it's 'bad' then you might not have changed the output quality:

    Front Panel audio use the HD Audio:
  4. Sorry jaquith, but you've misunderstood just a little.

    It doesn't suck by itself, but compared to what the AC-1 puts out it does. Luckily I got the card on sale a few years ago so I didn't drop the full $200 retail price, in fact didn't even spend half that, but I do like this card and don't want to spend money on another just because of a inefficient layout.

    edit: Like I said though, I guess technically I CAN run SLI, but it would have to be the bottom slots running in either 16x/1x or 8x/8x.

    This was my first build, and I did months and months of research before I bought a thing. I honestly feel like I got taken in a way - it makes no sense to me why, in an age where most video cards (all high-end) take up twice the space, this is acceptable.

    I have neither the funds nor risk-taking balls to hook up a water system.
  5. Just use the 8x slot when you SLI later. The difference between a 16x and an 8x slot on a GTX460 is 2% at most, often times 1% or not even measurable.

    Just remember you may have to use the bottom two slots, and keep the top slot free in order for your SLI bridge to reach, as I think SLI bridges will only work for triple spaced PCI-E slots, and top to bottom would be quad spaced.
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