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Good evening. I started Getting The Imminent failure back up and replace your hdd warning on the start up screen. I ordered a 1.5T Barracuda HDD to replace my .75TB factory Barracuda. I am still getting the same failure warning with the new HDD. It is A HP P6240F and was operating as it should until this warning popped up. I can not Re install O/S on the new HDD Due to this warning making me reboot if i continue F2 i get a bootmgr missing warning. Bios recognises both Hdd's, boot order is correct. Im probably all over the board here with my info but just throwing some stuff out there. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. I can and will get any other info needed to help out with diagnoses.
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  1. You have to install the OS onto the new hard drive and get rid of the old hard drive otherwise the messages will just keep comeing up.
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